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       We Indians can boast to have one of the earliest civilization. No civilization could survive without passing the inherent knowledge to the upcoming generations, orally recorded as Sruti or documented as manuscripts. The enriched libraries of Taxila and Nalanda illuminated the patron and neighbour kingdoms with the collection of invaluable literature. They served the interests of academics, royalties as well as the citizens of the kingdoms. With increased awareness towards freedom and public welfare, the 20th century witnessed a revolutionary public library movement in India.

       The public libraries are considered as an essential agent towards fostering peace and welfare to the people.A structured public library system strengthens education, public awareness, culture and heritage preservation and nurtures democratic values among the citizens. Now it is more than a century to the library movement in India but a uniform integration of public library system is yet to be achieved. The advent of ICT with improved infrastructure has enabled Indian library community to come out with innovative propositions towards creating awareness on social issues.The public library system is being infused with high-tech communication tools with the existing traditional collections and practices.The smart products, green tools and ecofriendly practices are to be developed beforehand so that it gives immediate support to the common man in anticipation and when desired. The phenomenal changes in the environment have brought opportunities to public libraries to look forward for new social responsibilities towards bridging the national digital divide through social inclusion.

       It is a pleasure to announce that in tune with completion of the 100 years of academic existence of Banaras Hindu University,the Department of Library and Information Science in collaboration with Central Library, BHU and Indian Institute of Technology Library, BHU is organizing the IASLIC 31st All India Conference 2017 during 7th – 9th November 2017 at Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi.

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