Conference Themes

Main Theme: Public Libraries in India in 21st Century


Public Library Philosophy

  • Public library as a social institution
  • Public library as open and democratic knowledge centre
  • Public library as a source of lifelong learning and cultural development
  • National public library policy
  • UNESCO Public Library Manifesto and its relevance in digital era
  • Financial Management,  Library budgeting models

Public Library Development in India

  • Public library situation in different states: progress and regress
  • Barriers and factors affecting public library development
  • Public library legislation in different states: progress and pitfalls
  • Public library development in India and other countries: comparative study
  • Digital era vis-a-vis public library legislation in India

Roles of Public Library

  • Public library as a community information centre
  • Role of public library in rural development
  • Role of public library in promoting inclusive society and knowledge society
  • Role of public library in gender sensitization and creating awareness about social issues
  • Changing roles of public library and librarian in digital era

Public Library Resources

  • Public library finance and financing
  • Changing format and changing mode of access of intellectual resources
  • Public library building, furniture and equipment
  • Manpower for public libraries: required competencies and competency development in digital era
  • Capacity building of public libraries

Functions and Services of Public Library

  • Planning and management of public library and public library system in digital era
  • Collection development policy for intellectual resources
  • Organization of intellectual resources - traditional and digital
  • Preservation and conservation of intellectual resources
  • Marketing of innovative public library services

Public Library Standards and Guidelines

  • Review of existing public library standards and identification of new areas requiring standards
  • Comparison of Indian public library standards with standards published abroad
  • Best practices in public libraries
  • IFLA/UNESCO guidelines for public library services
  • Evaluation of public library services

Public Library Users

  • Public library users and their characteristics
  • Public library use survey
  • Public library users' need survey
  • Public library users' information seeking behavior survey
  • Empowerment of public library users

Future Strategies

  • Automation of public libraries
  • Reengineering/rebooting of public libraries
  • Public library consortia and networking
  • Smart public libraries
  • Inclusive and green public libraries

SIG 01: Social Science Information

Theme: Information Literacy Competency

    Information Literacy (IL) Competency

    Information Literacy Competency Development:

    Information literacy competency Standards and Guidelines

    Assessment of Information Literacy

SIG 02: Computer Applications in LIS

Theme: Digital India Initiative and Libraries

  • Digital India Initiatives/Programme
  • Digital Infrastructure Development
  • Digital empowerment of Citizens
  • Progres and Evaluation of Digital India Initiative


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